SABA Automatic Description in English

      Hello Peter,
      I don't really know, what you're espacially looking for.
      Are you looking for a general instruction manual or are you looking for a -well I don't know- technical description?
      Technical descriptions are difficult to find. Many service manuals of SABA about 1965 are also written in english.
      There are many service manuals of these in the download section.
      Take a look at the ones of SABA Meersburg and Freiburg. Maybe you find in one of these the information you're looking for.

      I think, we could also arrange a translation of a instruction manual, if that is what you're looking for :)

      Best regards,
      Mein Name ist Hase, ich weiß bescheid! :)
      I was looking for a technical description, like the one in this link from Spanish website, but for next pages of it. I checked later models in the download section and finally I found similar description of SABA Freiburg 15 Vollautomatic (also in French). Seems I missed that one...

      I just like knowing how things work, so any of the technical descriptions are very valuable - I like to browse through forum in my spare time. Thanks to this "urge to know" I'm usually able to repair most of devices myself, although I'm studying languages not electronics...
      Unfortunately, I understand technical words better in English than in German. Currently I'm also trying to understand nightbear's posts with technical description from his restoration of Freiburg Automatic 3DS - for now, only "google translated"...

      Best regards,
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