saba 9141 tc ausgabe mit

      I check it. I connect only right worked channel from 9240. Of course disconnected old, and connected the same cable colours.
      After that, I can hear any sounds in both channels. I come back with connections, and 9240 worked right (uffff :) ), but 9141 right channel working like before (with discharged sound), but left channel not working.
      I must check it in headphones, bu I'm affraid, left channel is broken. ;(
      Volume is only max 3 leds level tested, not more, and some 30 seconds time.
      Hi surec,

      Sorry, your answer is not not clear to me.

      You connected the correctly working power module of the 9240 with the power module cables to your defektive 9141? Or did you connect the potentially defektive power module of the 9141 with the cables to the correctly working 9240? It makes a difference.

      "After that I can hear any sound in both channels"... means that you could hear undistorted sound in both channels or could you not hear sound at all or distorted?

      No panic, even if something of the left module of your 9141 is broken, it can be fixed!

      Best regards,
      Hi Reinhard,
      You have a moore understanding and patience, tahnk You.

      I swapped working Right amplifier module from 9240 to 9141 tc.
      Via new cables (existing are to short). Not remove modules (transistors screws from 9141 and 9240 not removed), only dissolved cables in main board, and connected.
      Of course compatible colours: green to green, blue to blue, etc.
      After swap not hear sound at both channel 9141.

      After come back before (9141 with orginals, 9240 with orginals), 9240 are working right, 9141 working only changed (Right) channel.

      OK, you connected the right channel power module in the 9240 to the 9141. Thus, the power module was still attached to the heat sink of the 9240 but was electrically connected to the right channel of the 9141 (with ALL of its cables). At that time, the cables of the right channel power module of the 9141 were ALL disconnected from the 9141 board.

      The left channel was unchanged.
      You connected the 9141 to headphones or speakers and feeded an audio signal (or radio) into the 9141.

      Color coding of the cables to the power modules of the 9141 and 9240 are the same. In that case, if you had no sound, it means that the protection circuit of the 9141 must have detected DC on the output and therefore didn't engage the speaker output relay. The only difference between the 9240 and 9141 re. the power module is the supply voltage. It is +/- 42 V in the 9240 and +/-32V in the 9141. In your case, the module of the 9240 which you had connected to the 9141 saw a lower rail voltage, which however cannot explain that you couldn't hear anything. At least the unchanged left channel should have worked normal. But also the power module from the 9240 should have worked with +/-32V. Either you had made a mistake, i.e. produced a short somewhere or the unchanged left channel power module in the 9141 had a malfunction which caused DC on the left output.

      Because afterwards, the swapped right channel module worked fine in the 9240 again, as well as the 9240 left channel module, a defect in the right 9240 module can be excluded.

      You then put back the 9141 module into the 9141 receiver and it worked as before (distorted). However, now the left channel of the 9141 didn't work anymore, although you had not touched the 9141 left channel module.

      It does not make sense at all. You must have overlooked something. Some solder connection or contact is not right. Check again. Because you didn't change anything with the left module and it worked before, it must work still. Check all voltages on the left module (as done above). Which of the voltages is missing or wrong?