9141 tc - without voice

      9141 tc - without voice

      Hello. Some history:
      1. Change capacitor in supply circuit.
      2. Working great for some months.
      3. 3 weeks ago begining some problems: when I switch on, no voice in speakers.
      All buttons working, scale, led, all visually working, but without voice.
      During switch off - I listen some crash in speakers (the same, like normally switch off)
      When I several switch on/switch off - starting, and working great.
      4. Every morning, I switch on/off several times, but from 3 times to begin, for many...many in the end, and now any times not working.
      5. Not checked for headphones and with another signal, from deck for example.

      I have second 9141tc, but not working now.

      Sorry for my language, maybe in deutsche I can find answer in this forum, but I'm learning now deutsche very slowly.
      Please help me. I have a schematics, multimeters, and not problems with hand work and electronic.
      Hello Surec,

      thanks for the detailed failure description. However, I am afraid that a definite diagnosis without further measurements will be difficult. A first thougt: Usually these receivers have a system for blocking the audio signal during power on. Checking for accurate voltages in this functional part could make sense. But it is not more than a first guess.

      For a systematic search of the defect it would be good to test, if it is the same for all signal sources.

      If yes, the failure will be located between (and including) input selection stage and main amp. Further diagnosis could then be done by injecting a signal via tape or aux connector and tracing it down to the point of loss.
      In case you have no signal generator, a suitable input signal can be created with a smartphone or notebook and streaming sinus signals from Youtube. All you will need is a fitting audio adapter cable. Via multimeter it is then possible to trace the signal throughout the circuit.

      If you need help with the schematic, simply ask.

      Good Luck!
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