SABA 9250 no FM reception.

      SABA 9250 no FM reception.


      Hello everyone.
      My name is Divu, and i living in the Spain. Thank's to Andreas I managed to register in this forum.
      Not long ago, through ebay I bought a Saba 9250. Everything works fine, except the reception in FM band. I can not catch any station, on the whole band. Only a background sound is heard, like this "fssssssssss... ".
      I have another job, electronics for me is a hobby. There is also no workshop in my area that has experience with vintage devices like Saba, Sansui. If anyone has any ideas where to start, please give me some advice. I have the service manual of the device, I can read a diagram, weld, measure transistor, etc. I have no experience with these types of devices.
      Thank's in advance, Divu.


      Hello Divu,


      The first question obviously is:
      Did you plug an antenna into the FM-antenna socket? Saba 9250 is fully metal shielded. Therefore it always requires an antenna. If there is generally good FM-reception at your location a wire of 80cm may already be sufficient.

      Prior to turning the frequency dial knob for locating reception, did you push the "U" button on the station memory panel? Does the LED on the station memory panel indicate that "U" is activated?

      Because I cannot know if you did this allright, please excuse that I ask these very basic questions, before we dig deeper into the matter.

      Sorry for beeing so bloody direct, jumping right into the matter rather than starting with a bit of small talk first, i. e that this is a nice receiver, worth of beeing well maintained/repaired, etc.. You may know, that there isn't even a German word for "small-talk". It's not intended to be rude, i's just "typical German". If you are from a northern country you can perhaps understand that. But in England and southern countries as in Spain (and already in Switzerland) it is common to talk first about the weather (no politics), the children (no religion), the grandma (no, not the mother in law), "how are you today" (but no true answer expected),..etc. etc. ... ;)


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      Hello, oldiefan.
      Thanks for your quick response.No problems with the direct approach. I plugged an antenna into the FM-antenna socket. With the same antena another units (Sansui G7700, and Sansui 9090) working fine. This weekend, I will come home and review everything that you have indicated to me. Then will post the result.
      Regards from Spanien.

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