Rules (english version)

    1) Offending mails will cause your kick-off! Everyone should reply to the postings respectfully.

    2) The forum only refers mainly to SABA, even in the "for sale" and "search"-area and for advertisements.

    3) As admin I`ve got the privileg to delete postings not according to the rules or beeing out of theme. The user has got no rights according to his postings.

    4) A registered user declares his acceptance for his postings being not deleted even after ending of his membership-otherwise the threads wouldn`t be understandable anymore.

    5) Every user should be aware,that his postings are scanned quite regularly by common known search engines. Every post of complete names, addresses or e-mail addresses shoul be carefully thought about. Mailaddresses in the registration area- the user profile- are quite shure against spam attacks.

    6) All repair tips without warrenty and on own risc

    7) You are allowed to post in english in every thread - we're glad about every posting from outside germany ;)

    8) You are not allowed to change the sense of your posting(s)

    9) You are completly responsible for all your postings especially the placed links to other objects (f.e. graphics)