Saba Reichenau 12 ausgangstrafo ersatz / äquivalent ?


      I'm having some troubles replacing the shorted output transformer of a Saba Reichenau 12 stereo console.
      See schematic here:

      The output tube is a ELL80 (equivalent to two EL95 / 6DL5) with one section per channel (both in SE mode).
      The output transformers have two secondaries as seen on the schematic: one for the speaker which also serves as bass boost in reaction mode, and another secondary for the counter-reaction.
      If the transformer only had one speaker secondary as in most cases, I would easily replace it using one of my spares, but here I don't know how to replace the original model by one with just one secondary, supposing this is possible.
      Perfect replacement would be great, but since it seems impossible, any good modification to have good sound would be welcome.
      Of course I would replace both output transformers to avoid that the other one, still good, turns faulty soon or later.

      Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks !