Transformer Winding Specification

      Transformer Winding Specification

      Because I am slightly mad, I am modifying a valve portable radio to have an extra FM waveband. I have picked up some DC96 for the front end oscillator and the data from Valvo on provides a schematic with transformer winding specifications.

      I'm having trouble with the translation of these instructions, as terms like Cu SS, and Cu vers. mean nothing to google :)

      Also I'm not sure if the intention is for tightly or loosely coupled windings (I guessed tight for the oscillator and loose for the pre-select transformer)

      I wondered if some-one here skilled in the art and a native speaker could help. I have had a go but the tube won't oscillate..

      Hi Kevin,

      CuSS means double silk wrapped wire, enameled copper wire should be suited instead, Cu vers. stands for copper wire with silver coating.
      Wdg.: means turns.

      Trolitul-Körper= polystyrene coil body

      Regarding coupling data someone else could answer this better than me.

      2 + 2 = 5 (für extrem große Werte von 2)

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