SABA Freiburg Telecommander G need help

      SABA Freiburg Telecommander G need help

      I bought my first SABA Telecommander and here I am to bore you with some questions.
      Let's start from the front:

      - the "Still" button ..... what is it for?
      - the "Monitor" button ....... what's the use? If I remember correctly the Receiver Grundig was an OUT. Instead on the SABA receivers?
      - those that look like 3 green bulbs under the tone and volume controls what are they for?

      The back:

      - the 2 "Pegel" what are they for?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
      vielen Dank für alles!

      SABA Freiburg Vollautomatich Studio 12
      SABA Freiburg Telecommander G 69
      SABA Freundenstadt 14 Stereo
      SABA Villingen 100
      SABA 936 Cassette Deck

      Grundig Stereomeister 3000
      Graetz Melodia 519

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      Hello robertor,

      Still button = MUTING the noise between stations in FM.
      In case of weak stations / low signal strength you must switch it off, otherwise it will also mute weak signals.

      3 bulbs under bass, treble, volume: I guess they indicate reception of the signal from the remote control, when the respective button on the remote control is pushed.

      "Pegel" (level control) on the back...don't know, I never saw the back of this unit. Someone else help, please!

      Best Regards
      Hello robertor.

      The bulbs below the controls will light up when the corresponding control is adjusted by the supersonic remote control. still = Muting on FM, see Reinhard's post.
      Monitor button and jack on rear is for tape monitoring, will say tape reproduction with 3-Head-Tape Decks.
      With the PEGEL-Controls (Pegel is German für Level), the Input sensitivity of the Phono Input resp. the Monitor Input ca be adjusted to achieve same sound level on all sources.
      Btw. The correct name of your set is "SABA Freiburg Telecommander G" (not G 69), made in 1971-72.
      To this set the "telecommander 50" remote control was included. It allows to swith off/on, select FM-Preset buttons and control Vol/Treble/Bass. All functions are driven by motors.

      Regards Stefan